The Tolvsteinringen (English:Twelve-Stone Ring) near the Norwegian town of Moelv is a prehistoric stone circle.


The Tolvsteinringen (English:Twelve-Stone Ring) near the Norwegian town of Moelv is definitely worth a visit. This sizable stone circle, situated conveniently by the roadside to the north of Moelv, has occasionally been compared to the world-renowned Stonehenge. While Stonehenge is on a different scale altogether, Tolvsteinringen holds deep cultural significance.

The landscape is adorned with twelve massive rocks, collectively weighing tons. It’s easy to imagine the immense importance this specific spot held for the people residing by Lake Mjøsa two and a half millennia ago.

Similar circular formations found elsewhere in Norway traditionally served as arenas for rituals and funerals. Unearthed burnt bones and coal indicate that the Twelve-Stone Circle near Moelv was used as a burial site, forming part of a shared resting place along with three other circles in the vicinity.

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