Runestone of Rök

The Runestone of Rök in Sweden holds the longest known rune text.
runestone of rök

The Runestone of Rök is one of about 2,000 runestones in Sweden. It is located at the church of Rök in Ödeshög Municipality. It is 3.82 meters high and contains a rune text of 750 characters in Old Norse. It is, therefore, the longest known rune text.

The stone probably dates from the 9th century. In the 11th century, it was bricked in the local tithe barn during Christianization. When the church was demolished in 1840, despite the presence of the rune script, the stone was bricked into the portal of the new church. In 1862 he was removed again and placed in the cemetery next to the church, where it still stands today. It has been under a roof since 1933.

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runestone of rök
Rökstenen, V, Ödeshög, Sweden
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