Museum of the Baltic Gods

The museum of sculptures of the Baltic gods has dozens of wooden sculptures made by local folk artists.

museum of the baltic gods

The museum of sculptures of the Baltic gods (Lithuanian: Baltų dievų muziejus) in Lithuania was opened in 2012. It is located in the north of Lithuania, in the vicinity of Šiauliai, in the village of Naisiai. The museum of the Baltic gods starts in the centre of the village and continues to the edge some 1.5 kilometres further.

Several folk artists from northern Lithuania have created a total of 53 oak sculptures of the gods, and 38 of them adorn the 1.5 km long trail of the Museum of the Baltic gods. The artists based their works on Lithuanian, Latvian and Prussian mythology, archaeological research, written sources from the 13th century onwards, folklore works, and ethnographic descriptions of customs. the artists and the researchers that made this museum a reality tell us tales about the Baltic culture, the myths, and the values of the old religion: happiness, share, friendship, love, loyalty, beauty.


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