Viking village on Bukkøy

The Viking village on Bukkøy is located on the small island of Bukkøy at Avaldsnes, Norway.

Viking village on Bukkøy

The Viking village on Bukkøy is located on the small secluded and forested island of Bukkøy at Avaldsnes, Norway. This historical site holds a remarkable tale from the past – it was once the very spot where king Olav Tryggvason confronted a group of powerful wizards a millennium ago and had them drowned.

On the site of the Viking village on Bukkøy, you’ll encounter a world of authentic wonders. A magnificent longhouse, a boat house housing a fearsome Viking warship, a charming roundhouse, and various other smaller structures await your exploration. And if you seek tranquility, serene forest paths surround the farm, offering a peaceful retreat. This will give you a good image of what life was like during the Viking age.

During the summer months, the Viking village on Bukkøy is open to the public and hosts all sorts of activities that make history come to life. During evenings and weekends, you can even rent the longhouse for guided tours and splendid banquets. As the crackling fireplace casts dancing shadows on the walls, you’ll be transported back to the 10th century, experiencing the Viking way of life firsthand.

Every June, the Viking Farm hosts an enthralling Viking Festival, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Among the meticulously reconstructed buildings, Vikings from various countries set up their encampments, bringing the past to life.

But it’s not just about reliving history; the Viking Farm serves as a vibrant hub for a Viking-school dedicated to children. From March to October, young ones can immerse themselves in the lore and skills of their mighty ancestors.

The Viking Farm is a living testament to the indispensable role of farmers in Viking society. As the backbone of their community, these hardworking individuals were not only tillers of the land but also skilled craftsmen, daring sailors, enterprising traders, and even fierce raiders.

In the Viking world, women wielded significant power, and the farm exemplifies this truth. Viking women were the masters of the household, skillfully managing every aspect of daily life.

Built as part of an experimental archaeological research program in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger, the Viking Farm seeks to unlock ancient secrets. The meticulous reconstruction, spearheaded by archaeologist and building engineer Jochen Komber, offers invaluable insights into pre-historic building techniques, the use of ancient tools, timber preparation, and the materials favored by our noble forefathers. The craftsmen’s expertise brings every detail to life, creating an authentic experience like no other.

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