Witches’ hill in Neringa

Witches’ Hill is a site in the Lithuanian village of Juodkrantė that has some 70 statues depicting Baltic gods and legendary figures.

witches' hill in neringa

Witches’ Hill (Lithuanian: Raganų kalnas) is a site in the Lithuanian village of Juodkrantė.

The Witches’ Hill is a forest-covered hill, with more than 70 unique carvings along a path leading to the top. The project started in 1979. The name of the Witches’ Hill is linked to an old Lithuanian legend. Little is known about this legend, but the tourist stalls sell many witch dolls. In the past, parties were celebrated on the hill during midsummer.

Many of the carvings depict a Lithuanian folk legend or saga. One of the images is the best known, it is about a woman and a snake.

It is said that from time immemorial not only have people loved this mountain but also devils with witches have raised their feasts here. Even the goddess Ragė herself attended the annual short-night gatherings.


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